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Standards? for presenting 3D linear object in OIP


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While there is the linear PIO template which displays the 3D origin, z-axis rotation and vector length; It doesn't display a WorkPlane angle.

Is there a hidden special parameter name for a second 3D control point or WP angle?

Has anyone seen an example of setting up the OIP for this?

Are there guidelines for presenting an object in the OIP which has two 3D defining points? It's not flat to the world x-y work plane.

Could it be the first or second example, or both or something else entirely?

3Dpoint origin(x1,y1,z1), 3Dpoint2(x2,y2,z2)

3Dpoint origin,rotation (about the z-axis), WP angle (from the world x-y work plane), vector length.


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Bit of a can of worms here, but a 3D path object does not necessarily have to be co-planar, and each point can have a different z value. 

Starting in 2020, you can enable a planar PIO to rotate on any axis, but it must be event enabled. I can point you towards the values to set in the Init event. 

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