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Custom Worksheets/Reports


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Not sure if this would be a "Vectorscript" type of topic, but my guess is that is would involve it somehow.  I'm wondering if there is a possibility of creating custom worksheets. 


In the attached file, I have a simple symbol for a typical power distribution unit that I use often for work.  They come in a variety of sizes and types, this one in particular has 24 circuits.  I've created a record format to name each PD, give it a simple reference marker, and then describe what each output is powering.  I've then made a report that displays that information.


The top report is all the info in one shot, which since I'm not sure how to customize reports, displays in one excessively long left-to-right report.  Not ideal.  Below that, I tried breaking up the record formats into four segments, but that's not ideal either since it breaks up each PD's information.  


Ideally I'd like to have the report in a format where the circuit numbers are shown vertically in the report's first column and the main information for each PD (PD name, reference marker) are listed on the top row of the report, with the circuit descriptions below.


Anyone know if this is possible, and how it is achieved?  Thanks for any help.


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There probably is a way to make a custom worksheet using scripting, unfortunately that's outside of my expertise. However as a quick solution does this help:


All I did was edit the worksheet a bit. I realigned all the text so it is vertical instead of horizontal, & narrowed the columns then rotated the worksheet on the design layer so the aligned vertically text was back to horizontal. This effectively mirrors your worksheet from horiz to vert and makes it much more compact.

Edit: And as @Taproot mentions in his subsequent post the other edit was to put the columns titles at the bottom of the worksheet so that when the worksheet is rotated on the page the column titles are on the left rather than the right.

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@ChollyO  I think you can probably achieve what you want within worksheets.  From your description, it's a little hard to visualize what your preferred solution is.  Perhaps post a screen capture of a mock up of what the text would look like.


If the issue is just compactness - i.e. the long worksheet is too big to manage and read, you could just modify the cell formatting so that the text is rotated 90° and run vertically.  That would make it a lot tighter.


If you wanted to take it a step further for readability, you could then rotate the worksheet on the page 90 degrees and get clever ... i.e. put the column titles at the bottom (below the database rows) and have the database row sort from bottom to top so that when viewed it appeared that the whole thing was designed left to right ...   I'll attach some images to convey the idea, but you can riff off of these ideas and likely get to where you want to go.


Your worksheet with text vertical:




Worksheet with text vertical but worksheet is rotated 90° on the page and titles are at the bottom...




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