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Animated Content



I am an exhibit designer and our industry is heading down a very different path since the outbreak of COVID 19.

We are moving into hybrid models where inline or virtual exhibits are being requested more and more.


Using VectorWorks to model and RenderWorks to render and animate is a fantastically fast and efficient way of resting these environments.

The only issue I am running into is in many exhibit spaces there are now lots of opportunities for digital concept.

So the big thing missing from VectorWorks is the ability to map animated content to surfaces and have them running during walk through animations.

This would be a game change for what I do..


Unfortunately today i know have to export my latest model to Arltlantis so I can add digital content.

So it means adjusting all my maps and camera angles and dealing with the clunky Artlantis animation interface.


I did see animation concrete in a spotlight tutorial online but cannot find any direction as to how it was done.

Anybody have any ideas how I can work around this issue or even better is there a plan in the  works to allow the mapping of digital content.




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@Wigfield right now our workflow to achieve these ends is to export the VW model (or any 3D model) into a program like C4D--> After Effects and then do the previz there. For legit live previews of mapped content you'd want to use something like Unity or Unreal engine. But it's going to have that Open GL feel and requires a whole lot of work to make it look good and represent engineering realities. You are absolutely right that this is a necessary thing for Vectorworks but animated content is probably the last step in a long line of things that need to happen in order for Vectorworks to support better projection and media design. The first step is a projection tool that reflects real world design requirements. In my opinion, ideally, you'd be able to syphon or spout into VW a display content on any projected surface, not just traditional screens. (Syphon and spout is a video go-between that allows you to pipe video from supported applications to other other applications, so for example After Effects to MadMapper, or QLab to Isadora, etc). 


I think there's an absolutely a way to achieve this for Open GL walk throughs, or barring that, shaded polygons. But my guess is that it would require a rebuild of how VW works. 


See my write up of a better projector tool here:


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