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Hanging Position Label Location

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Hello, I'm somewhat new to Vectorworks and I'm having trouble with the Hanging Position Tool. Whenever I insert a new position, the label location seems to populate at random locations, either on the far left of the pipe or the center. I want the label to stay on the right hand side of the pipe whenever I insert a new position. Is there a way to change this in the settings, or do I have to move them manually each time? 

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How are you creating your hanging position?


If you draw a line from one direction to the other and then convert to a hanging position, the label is placed at the ending point.

If you place a bunch of items, like truss, and then convert, the label doesn't know where the end point is and the label is placed at the center.

To make life easier to edit the location of the label, you can copy/paste distances for the label in the OIP (Object Info Palette). The catch is that the measurement number is based on the insertion point of the position. So, in my pasted examples, the longer truss label wouldn't line up if all three had the same measurement.

hth, Scott





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