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Pat Butcher

Extrude at specific angle

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Hi, new user with a problem i cant seem to find an answer or work around for. Can vectorworks extrude at specific angle?


I would like to extrude this shape in the direction of the red lines but it will only extrude or push/pull to the original plane.


Any suggestions? 


and thanks


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The axes of extrudes are pretty much by definition normal to the profile plane. You can get your desired shape with a loft. Convert your hexagon to a NURBS curve, duplicate it, then loft the two shapes together. (You could alternatively do a vertical extrude and then a solid subtraction or intersection.)

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Posted (edited)

Or multiple extrude:

Hexagon, eg on layer plane

Duplicate in place

Move the dupe in any desired direction on same plane

Select both>Multiple Extrude to required depth

Rotate 3d as needed

Edited by Benson Shaw
Stay on plane

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Hi and thanks for all the advice.


I tried all three options and the project tool seems to be the best option. I have a new problem with shelling the faces thou. Can anyone please tell me the best way to thicken this shape.



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Some ideas:


1.  That looks like an extrude. Or several extrudes. If so, dbl click to edit the source poly(s). Offset tool? or draw new shapes and delete the existing. 

2.  Extract Tool>Face mode to create NURBS surfaces on the relevant faces. Then Shell tool to add thickness. Then Solid Addition with the original. Problems with this include: new edges may not connect. So more work. Shell always “extrudes” normal to source, so may not create edges in desired planes. 

3.  Push/Pull tool. Several actions to extend all required surfaces. 

4. Start over using source objects or tools more amenable to desired outcome. Eg Walls, or Extrudes, or Lofts, or ???

ok post back with success!



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