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Panning and Kensington Mouseworks Mac PB G3


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Does any one know how to enable panning for the scroll wheel on a kensington mouseworks? It works when I plug in a logitech but not the kensington.

Yes I know about holding the space bar etc. I simply want the scroll wheel to work.

Thank you very much for any help.

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We've had problems whenever both the Kensington and Logitech drivers are installed at the same time. Try removing the Logitech driver altogether.

Early this year I switched from a Logitech thumb-ball to Kenginston's rollerball. The scroll works as expected.

If problems persist, it would be good to know which OS you're running.

Good luck,

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Thanks for the reply. But, i have never installed the logitech driver. I just plugged a logitech mouse in and it worked automatically.

Sorry I thought i had specified all my system stuff. Here it is:

pb G3 500 640 ram os 10.3.9 vw 12

i'm using a kensington 4 button mouse in a box optical pro w/ mouseworks 2.8 (which seems to be the latest)

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Interestingly, I'm running Mouseworks "pro" v2.51, which assures me is the latest driver (when I click Update). Perhaps it's because I'm using the 4-button rollerball rather than the optical mouse.

Does your driver window have a Scroll tab? And if so, is it set to function for all applications? One of the benefits of Kensington's approach is the option to custom program nearly everything (buttons and scrolling) for various applications.

Good luck,

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I hit that button also and mouseworks said I had the latest. I went to the website anyways and found a more recent driver. Still doesn't work though. I have custom sets for all my applications. Maybe its getting confused?

I have "Mouseworks for Mac OS" version 2.8r1 what ever all that means?



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