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Make snap palette and keyboard layouts match



I know this isn't a big deal, but for some reason the snap palette and default key layout do not match, which is counterintuitive.  When the snap palette is arranged in a 2-row layout, it's:



Grid                   Object                   Angle                       Intersection 

Smart Point     Distance               Smart Edge            Tangent/Working Plane


While the keyboard default layout is:

Q-Object            W-Intersection     E-Distance             R-Tangent/Working Plane

A-Grid                 S- Angle                D-Smart Point      F-Smart Edge


It would be better if the snap palette was rearranged to correspond to the default keyboard layout.

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I go back to 1995, MiniCad 5+/-.  I vaguely remembered that the snap palette & keyboard used to make sense.  Thanks for the reminder.  When the default key commands were changed from vertical to horizontal,, someone should have thought of rearranging the icons on the palette.  Still not too late.  My wishlist request still remains.


Rethinking the default keys for 1-9 might make sense as well.  The real estate could be better used for some of the newer tools.  For example, it no longer makes sense to give both 2D polygon & 2D polyline their own keys.  I use a customized workspace, but changing the defaults would be helpful for beginners.


I have a bunch of other workspace wishlist items here:



I guess I'll add these items to consolidate.

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