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Worksheet Edit Report deletes custom field

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I created a worksheet based on the window schedule and added a custom database header (column) : =IF(('Window'.'SashOperation'='Horizontal Slider'); 'Coulissante'; IF(('Window'.'SashOperation'='Bi-parting Casement'); 'Ouvrante à la Française'; 'Window'.'UserFld1'))


This works and I get the desired results. However when I go to edit report to add other report columns, my custom column is replaced by Window.Sash Operation and my custom "If" statement is deleted.


So I have two questions

1. Is it possible to replace the pop up text in the window PIO preferences -->General pane -->sash ? Ideally this would be the easiest solution  but do not know where to find the referenced pop up choices


2. Is there a way to prevent "Edit Report" from erasing my custom function ? 


Thanks for any help,




(I work in France and am using the Benelux English version VW 2020 sp3 and I need to translate sash operation to French.)

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Since you are doing IF statements, it sounds like you have a pretty good handle on worksheets.


I have not done a lot with Reports, but a quick test just showed that I could edit a Report with an IF generated as a Custom Field without if changing or being overwritten.


For your first question, It is definitely not possible to add additional sash options. It may be possible in the localization process to change the names of the options.


For your second question based on a quick test it should not be changing your formula.


If it continues to do so and you have the basics and only need to make relatively minor adjustments, just use Edit Criteria to change the criteria and manually edit the formulas in the header row. But I would only resort to that if Edit Report is really broken for you.

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