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Simplified 3D Model



I'm trying to bring a BIM house I have into another project as context in the 3D model, (neighbouring projects) and was hoping to convert the house into a simplified model to keep the file size down and even lose some of the detail if necessary.

Does anyone have a process for doing this?

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If it were me and I wanted essentially a ‘massing model’ for adjacent context (and the existing BIM model wasn’t overly complicated),  using the Existing BIM model as a snapping reference — I would direct model a simplified copy using 2d rectangles and the Push / Pull tool. This would leave you with a 3D solid at the end, which you could then ‘Convert to Generic Solid’ (most efficient file-size wise).

I think that trying to export / convert and clean up the existing BIM model would be too much work.


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17 minutes ago, khumenny said:

BIM model, if you don't know you should look into it, it'll change your VW life.


I was clarifying because some use Revit & BIM interchangeably with the assumption that only Revit produces BIM models, good to see that your not.

My approach to your question would be to create a referenced DLVP of your BIM house and turn off all the classes & layers that you don't need to see.

This can be duplicated, rotated and elevated to suit across your site.

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2 hours ago, khumenny said:


Not sure what you're implying...

But after decades of 2D CAD and building 3D surface models separately, and now being able to combine the two into one, BIM definitely means something to me. 

How else should I have described this model?






Well I guess the way I see it, there is not really an agreed definition of what BIM is, or at least it seems to mean different things to different people. Does something being represented in 3d make it "BIM"? Is some kind of 3d representation necessary for something to be "BIM"? I don't know.


As @bcd mentions, some people seem to think BIM means "Revit model".


How would you define it?


Maybe it should be the subject of another thread.



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