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Worksheet - formula

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I'm working on a door worksheet, and I wonder if there is some formula to count L&R Doors. I assigned a custom record to each door, with boolean parameters (one for left and other for right). Now my worksheet do the work, but I think it can improve avoiding repeated information.

Perhaps I can use the function =count, with the conditional If for the record, something like this: =COUNT (If record is 'carpinterias' and value 'izquierda' is true).

Is that possible?

thanks in advance.


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If you change your Summarize setting to get separate subrows for Left and Right it will be a simpler solution.


If you really want to do it in a single row and you already have a column with the Boolean value of Left (or Right) being true you should be able to use something like:


=COUNT(IF(C1, 1, 0))


So you are very close. Much easier to use the cell if you already have it rather than using the record.field, but this should work also.


=COUNT(IF('carpinteriajs'.'izquiersa', 1, 0)).


Since this already returns True, you don't have to do the explicit comparison.


If it does not, just put the Left/Right True columns in and set the column width to zero so they don't show and use the cell formula at the top.

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