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Beta tester needed for a perspective rectifier project

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I am almost ready to release my PlumbBob for Vectorworks version, here's the new Plugin Icon:109625071_icona-plumBob-x-VWuniversal@2x.thumb.png.e7ce0021afa27564c7e4009eb491ec3d.png

…and a screenshot of the plugin in action:




Purpose of the Plugin:

Starting from a picture, and knowing 4 points on it (for example a window's four corners), it is possible to rectify the picture so that you can take exact measurements of all openings lying on the plan to which the points (window in the example) belong.

Also the plugin does the same operation on 2D objects traced on the picture (points, lines, polygons etc.)

Also the plugin is able to do the reverse operation, transporting bitmaps and 2D objects from the rectified plan to the original picture point of view.


While I had way to develop and test it on my Mac version of Vectorworks 2020, I still need someone to try it on Windows.

This test is needed since the program relies on Pillow, a python library (for image manipulation) that is downloaded and installed (at first run) in the user library of Vectorworks.

Please, if you are interested in testing PlumbBob (and get it for free, of course), leave me note (mouse over my icon and click ✉️Message).

I'll provide to send you the plugin and necessary instructions.


Thank you in advance


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ready, at last!

Plumb-Bob for Vectorworks is available on the Gumroad® platform at €10+.


You can get it from the official page here:



or from my Gumroad® page here:



Note for Vectorworks italian users:

This same plugin should be included in the next Vectorworks update (italian version) , under the name Ortofoto.


Hope you enjoy it,


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