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Assign a Renderworks texture to a group problem

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is it possible to assign a renderworks texture to project a texture on a group of objects or on a group of extruded rectangulars ? Just like a material to project on a group in C4D.


I am trying to texture an elevation of wooden boards in one go. But all I get is each board showing the same texture which looks very repetative. I can convert the extruded  set of rectangulars to one mesh and set the texture to the mesh. That works but not all that controlable. Any idea's anyone.

Vectorworks really needs to upgrade texturing. Its way to basic for most architects in 2020. Also much to complex to manage.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Create the extrudes as one. So, draw the the rectangles and select them. Then run the Extrude command once, to extrude all rectangles in one single operation. Renderworks will then see this as a single object and you will be able to map the texture across all three surfaces.

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If you are using a texture, why not include the boards in the texture rather than drawing separate boards? File will probably process faster and be easier to work with.


No there is not a simple way to project a texture onto multiple objects. You could apply the same texture to each of the boards and then use the Attribute Mapping Tool to shift the texture down on most of the boards so you don't get the same look to each one.

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