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Lighting Unit Focus not arriving in Vision via MVR

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Im using the export MVR to move visible layers from Spotlight to Vision.


In my vectorworks drawing all my units are focused to an endless amount of focus points and in 3D I can see the fixtures pointed in all directions. When I open the MVR file in Vision all of the units are pointed straight down. My questions are:


Do I need to include the focus points as visible layer/class at the time of export out of Vectorworks? If so, does it matter whether the focus point symbol is 2D/3D hybrid?

Do I need to export in parts and merge separate MVR files in Vision? My venue is basically a black box with 160+ units and no truss, only simple masking and pipe grid.


Thank you for any clues that lead to a solution.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It was just brought to my attention that the Vision 2020 SP3 release introduced a regression with loading focus points via MVR.


It appears ESC still loads properly. If you can use it or don't mind, this may be a valid work around.

If you need to use MVR for focus point information, please fall back to 2020 SP2 until further notice.

(Note: Just to be thorough and clear, only conventional lights can be focused in Vision via focus point. All moving head fixtures only accept dmx and do not understand focus points.)

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