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Inserting a sink into my counter



I have made a counter on vectorworks and have placed an already made sink on the resource manager into it, but when I turn it into 3d the counter is still covering the sink...Does anyone know how I can delete a sector of the counter so I can see the sink?


Many thanks,



Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 12.12.22.png

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@michaelk This one is usually yours.  ;-)


Others better able to answer but you can either use a Floor or Slab (I can't remember if it is both of just one of them) object as your countertop and use their ability to Clip Surface to make the cutout. Alternatively you can make an extrude the size of the required hole and Subtract Solids, but then you end up with a Solid rather than a Countertop object and lose the hybrid functionality of the object.


Hopefully someone else has a better option for you.

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I have used Floor Objects for countertops for a long time. They are easy to manage and easy cut holes into using "Clip Surface". As a note I use an additional Floor Object for the backsplash if that level of detail is needed. Remember that any Object can be placed in any Class in order to control Attributes and/or Visibility.

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