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Data Manager - Assigning Wall Dimensional Properties to IFCWallStandardCase.BaseQuantities?

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Hi Everyone,


Is it possible to assign dimensional properties of a wall, curtainwall, etc... to IFCWallStandardCase.BaseQuantities using the expert formula function? I can't seem to be able to find WallArea_Gross or WallArea_Net under object properties like I would in the worksheet object properties. Can something like this be done?

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I will defer to others more knowledgable than me, but my guess is no.


The entire reason that things like Wall_Area_Gross are Functions in the worksheet is that there are calculated every time and not stored as part of the record. Since IFC maps (I think) internally stored data to an externally accessible data format, I don't think there is a way to get that information.


I hope that I am wrong and will learn something new.

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Height and Width as parameters of a door or window that have to be saved in order to properly draw the object. Something like Net Glazing area would be something that (could) be calculated (height x width of glazing, minus the munitions and style area). 


I don't use IFC much (never) so what advanced settings tab are you talking about? And give me an example of a tool that has options there also.

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