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Lighting device weights and worksheets

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Currently, weight values for Lighting devices are reported to worksheets using the measurement and the Unit (ie 42 kg). This means that the SUM function will not work. Is there a way of stripping out the "kg" or "lbs" value to just see the number, or is there a function that I should be using that ignores the Unit suffix? Any help would be really helpful.


Many thanks



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You will probably need to use a double function something like:


=Value(SubString('Lighting Device.Weight',' ' ', 1))


SubString use these the second parameter (in my example two single quotes with a single space between them) is the delimiter. Every time there is the delimiter character in the string Substring will recognize that as a separate part. The last parameter (One (1) in my example) is which of those parts to return. So the substring above will return the part of the weight field before the first space. [I know that the record/field is probably wrong. I would have to switch workspaces to try and find the correct names.]


The Value converts the text returned by the substring into a number that you can do math on.


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I would like to combine the weight values of 2 database headers to give the combined total of Lighting Pipe and Lighting Instrument. I have a feeling I need the CONCAT function, but cannot workout how to combine it with the VALUE function.


Can this be done?



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I don't think Concat is what you want. All that does is combine strings.


I think you need IF instead. Set up a database that contains both Lighting Pipes and Lighting Instruments. Use something like this:


=IF('Lighting Pipe'.'Weight <> '', Value(Substring('Lighting Pipe'.'Weight', ' ', 1)), Value(Substring('Lighting Instrument'.'Weight',  ' ', 1)))


The above says that if the weight field of the lighting pipe is not blank then use the value of the lighting pipe.weight record otherwise use the value of the Lighting Instrument.weight record.

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