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Constrain distance tool - Text

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I have three text blocks in a title block;


Drawing Number, Spacer, Drawing Title


I have it set up so it looks good if the drawing number is a single digit, but if it goes to two digits the number is to close to the spacer text. I thought i could set it up so that I could constrain the dimensions between the number, spacer and title, so that spacing was consistent if a single or double digit. But it doesn't seem to work. I can apply the constraint but when I edit the text so the width is bigger, it doesn't move the space and title over, the dimension changes but shows the original number?


Should it be working or am I using it wrong?


This is in 2019 SP6

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There is no easy way to have multiple text blocks maintain distances between each other in VW.


I was hoping you could use the parametric constraints, but that does not seem to work when the text length changes.


@markdd idea of making the spacer the fixed point and formatting the number to be Right Aligned (always next to the spacer and growing to the left as more digits are added and the name Left Aligned (growing to the right) is probably your best option.

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