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Creating Worksheet Database Rows

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I'm trying to create a worksheet with a database row that looks for a certain record and then displays each field in it's own column. 


The issue i'm running into is actually making the row into a database row. Below is the code I am using at the moment. My understanding (which I suspect is wrong) is that I need to set the a formula for row 2 column 0.

dynCharArray = '=DATABASE(INVIEWPORT & INSYMBOL & (R IN [Loom Note]))'

When I run the code I get a popup box saying "Right Bracket Expected", no error messages from the script, just that popup box, and the script will have failed to turn the row into a database row. 


From my googling I'm struggling to find much documentation for building worksheets with Python Script/ Worksheet Formulas. (I'm sure it's out there I'm probably just not looking in the right places.)


Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of some handy info on worksheet formulas, or give me a hint as to what i'm doing wrong here?


Running VW 2020 Sp3.1 

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I think Loom Note (the record name) needs to be a string and have quotes around it.


You are supposed to be able to use double single quotes to "escape" a single quote you need inside a string. So something like:


dynCharArray = '=DATABASE(INVIEWPORT & INSYMBOL & (R IN [''Loom Note'']))'


But I can never tell if that is a two single quotes or a single double quote. For future readability I would use something like:


dynCharArray = Concat('=DATABASE(INVIEWPORT & INSYMBOL & (R IN [', CHR(39), 'Loom Note', CHR(39),']))'


Where the CHR(39) will generate the single quote marks you need.  


Harder to write but much easier to see exactly what you have.



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