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Construction for the stage


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This sort of scaffolding construction can be done fairly easily in Spotlight,

We have a large Layher scaffolding library (Objects-Ent Stage\Scaffolding Layher Allround Event),

You can use this with the duplicate array and duplicate along path commands found in the edit menu, along with the 'move by points' and 'mirror' tools found in the basic toolset to very quickly create a complex scaffolding structure.


The video below was created by Robert Janiak for our Polish distributor and although it is in Polish it gives a very good idea about how to quickly lay out a layher system in Spotlight. Robert uses only the default interface layout and shortcut keys in this video, so you should be able to locate the various commands and tools fairly easily.




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New one over here and getting to know Vectorworks. I've worked with Autocad before so bit of a new world here. Just wanted to ask how can I get those layher scaffolding symbols? I'm running Vectorworks 2019. I cannot find them from Ent Stage folder. Only the american measurements of ringlock scaffolding that's in the Building Equip Appliances.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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En 7/10/2020 a las 22:08, JustinVH dijo:

@EskiVES If you are running Vectorworks 2019 the Layher scaffolding is in the Vectorworks Service Select Libraries for that release in the Objects>Ent Stage folder.


I'm running VWX19 and I can't find the Layher library in Objects>Ent Stage Folder, any clue how I can do to get the library?
I search for "Layher" on the search bar and nothing appears.


I really appreciate any help as we are in the middle of a project and would be really really helpful.


Thanks in advance.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Julia79 In the 2019 version of Spotlight this is a premium library, if you are not a service select member it will not be available. If you have service select then it will be in the Premium libraries section of the resource manager.

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