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Curved Path shaping

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Hi guys, 


I've been trying to improve my way to work the site modifiers. One of the objects where I'm struggling is a curved path. 

I send to you 3 examples that I tried:

Site modifier pad - Clearly wrong, it assumes a straight line from the starting point until the final point, ignores the turns. 

3d Polys - Modelled two 3d Polys and assumed the then in the class Site - DTM - Modifiers. Better results, but could be more precise. 

Roadway (poly) - Beat results but I have some doubts if the path has an irregular shape. 


What do you think? Am I ignoring some other way to work this object? 






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It is great for you to share these investigations.

I agree the 3rd study using the road for contours works best for the road.

Using PIO modifiers beyond road edges as a grade limit (either by distance or slope) should make more realistic grading solution on the sides of the road.

Custom Curb tool allows for varied road shapes and then you can reshape the road as desired.

Use station points to adjust the elevations along the road allow for fine tuning.

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I upload the test file with the example that I presented.

If anyone has a different way to works this method and is willing to share it, feel free to use the file and share with the community!!


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The 3D poly gives you the greatest flexibility as it offers control over the elevation of each individual vertex, and the Top/Plan shape can be anything you like. As you have discovered, adding this to Site-DTM-Modifier turns this into a modifier. Note that you can do the same with a NURBS Curve.

For a path such as this where you have a consistent width, you could look at the Roadway Polyline tool. This has the flexibility to add level stations along the length and control the elevation at each point. It also includes a site modifier and can generated a grade limit if you need it (although I prefer to draw my own and retain control over them).


You might also want to explore the Hardscape tool which now includes Surface Modifiers. This can create an object any shape and have different levels at any point. Note that the elevations defined within the Hardscape Surface Modifiers are relative to the elevation of the Hardscape, so best to keep that at zero to have accurate annotations on the plan.

I hope this helps.



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