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export fbx doesn't work.



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Hi JuanP,


Thanks for the link. I read the post. Unfortunately that gives not the answer to my solution. Nothing is overclocked.. It is stable and 128 of RAM.

I work with a viewport where all stories are linked. When I put a part off it works. the file size gets about 110mb.


And happens on a other pc and laptop the same too. Both rtx gc


Thanks Vincent

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I am still not able to export larger Files by FBX in VW 2022 SP2.


It works with smaller Files though.

Not sure what the exact File Size Limit is.


When I try to export a large file by FBX,

VW does some work, like for functioning Datasmith or C4D Exports.

Progress Bar goes reasonably fast to 99%, 100% but then 99% again, 100%, 99%, 100%

and afterwards freezes for half a minute or so.

It will rewake but there is just no FBX output File saved, without any hint or warning.


And I can see "Cinema 4D 23 ..." inside VW processes in Windows Task Manager taking

large amounts of RAM

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And Nope,


it does not work reliable, even beside the VW File.

When I switch on my Site Environment, with just some Extrudes and Planes

but also some Tree Symbol Instances, C4D Thread in VW will go up to 24 GB RAM,

mainly freeze VW for maaaaaany minutes and finally go back to sub 2 GB RAM.

But no FBX File will be saved !


For me it looks like  /Vectorworks 2022/Cineware by Maxon (R23.0_dev)....  isn't really kosher ...


And when I try to export my small files again after the missing large file export,

it will not work again anyway.

(Maybe it would after a restart)

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@zoomer I think my findings were a fluke in the thread you mentioned above.  Sending the export to the same folder as the VWX definitely did not solve the issue on a consistent basis.  After failed attempts with larger files, I had a similar experience as you did with a smaller file not completing a successful export either.  It required a full system restart to get back to functional exports.


For larger files, I usually end up simplifying as much as possible.  Unfortunately this is mostly done manually.  And if it still doesn't work, I'll do the export in multiple stages using the "Selected Objects" options.



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Yes, for a moment I thought this would be a workaround.


I did FBX Exports in the past all the time, as it is the only way to get

VW geometry and materials into Modo.

My current purpose would be to bring my most crowded VW Files into

Blender Alpha for testing new Metal Support. So far I wasn't even trying

any real complex files.


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