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Adjust Heliodon Settings in Place


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Is there a way to adjust heliodon settings (date, time, shadow, etc) without going to the actual heliodon symbol on the design layer?


I have a saved view that I would like to render. The perspective, crop, and model geometry are ready to go. I am tweaking rendering and lighting settings to get the best result. I can use the Resource Browser to adjust render settings, but I cannot find a way to edit heliodon settings in this view. If I click "Edit" on the Visualization palette I get animation settings, not heliodon time and date settings. It's annoying to navigate to the design layer, make changes, then go back to a saved view to see the result. There must be an easier way.

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This does not work for me. When I double click the heliodon or right click and "Select on Document", I get an error that says "Some lights could not be selected". I tried this with all heliodons and lights in my document and get the same error. I can force select, but that brings me to the light object on the design layer, which is not what I want. I'd like to adjust light settings while looking at a viewport on the sheet layer.


My current workaround—which is admittedly absurd—is to use multiple view panes. I use one full size pane for my normal work window, and create a tiny icon-sized pane showing the heliodon on the design layer. I tuck that into the corner of my workspace and click on it when I need to adjust helidon settings. Like I said, this is absurd.

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@ThreeDot ahhh, I was doing it in a Design Layer. Doesn't seem to work in Sheet Layers... Force Select doesn't work either. I don't think your workaround is absurd! It makes a lot of sense. After Effects works the same way. If you want to edit something in a "PreComp" (essentially the same as Design Layers), you have to have multiple "Comp Windows" which are essentially the same as Multiple View Panes. That way you can edit your changes in the nest / design layer and see it appear in your final render / viewport. 


Either way - editing lights in viewports would certainly be useful, but I don't think you can directly edit any lights in viewports (or anything other than rendering, cameras, views, for that matter). That's part of the strength of multiple view panes! 

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Indeed, I don't think one can directly edit lights in a viewport but one can change what lights are used.

With the viewport selected you can open the Visualisation Palette and tick on or off the lights and/or shadow castings of your choice.

You must then update of course. If the Helios are classsed, the class must be on in the V.P.

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