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Referenced .dwg - multiple class/layer visibilities?

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Frequently, we get a .dwg file from an architect. 99% of the time, A101/general floor plan will be the background for our drawings. I import all the AutoCAD layers as classes. The first thing I do is hide all the classes that clutters up my file...Annotations, door numbers, architectural call-outs, etc. I reference that file using the "shuttle file" method (new file, import .dwg, save. Then, reference that .vwx in my main working file). In my main file, I assign this DLVP to it's own class & layer. 


When I start making SLVP for publishing, is there a way to have 2 different class/layer visibilities of that referenced file? Or am I locked to one "set" of class/layer visibilities?



For my electrical layouts, I don't need to see the seating, so I hide that class. When I'm showing projector or speaker coverage, I'd like to see that class. 





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Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't use the referenced method very often, but aren't all the classes of the referenced file available to be turned off and on in the final document as subclasses of the referenced file name and or via the class setings of viewports? In which case they can be turned off and on via the class settings of a viewport instance. Create a duplicate of the viewport and alter the class visibility(s).

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I’m not sure you can have referenced viewport class visibilities contorol in a slvp. You can with a non referenced dlvp tho.


i cane upon this very same issue recently and resorted to using referenced design layers. This method will also import the classes of the referenced file however.


Another option is,l to just import the design layers of the file but when you import the dwg into vwx add a prefix like zDwg- to the classes so all the classes group together and drop to the bottom of you class list. 

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