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Wall Height Basics


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I consider myself very competent in VW and use it all the time for spotlight work.  


Now I bow down to get a hand using the Architect tool set and wall tool. 


I started a drawing with the Architect.sta file.  I am literally just drawing a bathroom for a friend to do a remodel on and trying to draw in notes for the contractor.  For some reason the way the wall heights are determined seems to baffle me a bit between layers and story height etc.  I guess a few questions here.


1) Does someone have some good guidance, video, pdf, direction, on how wall heights are controlled?  It seems tricky for someone not familiar to fully understand.


2) is there some way to use walls without having the heights determined by layers, story, style, etc.  


In my current example I am using the wall style "Int Wall-2x4-Gyp Bd 5/8in"  Looks correct.  The heights seem to be correct but they are based on the story/layer set up.  What prompted me on this is I have two areas we are wanting to draw in a half wall.  One is one of those walk in showers where the bottom half is tile/stone with a sheet of glass above the other is just more generic.  I tried changing the top and bottom bound setting and changing the height but it still stays at the same height as the other walls. 


What is the best way to do this?  In the mean time I am just drawing extrudes etc, but I have to think this is not the right way of doing this.




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Guest Wes Gardner

@MattG, for an understanding, you can read the "No Stories, No Problem" tutorial posted at the top of the Architect section.  I recommend NOT using stories, however you MUST use the appropriate wall styles...in other words, those that are set up to not use stories...I think both are availalbe in the Resource Manager.  "Imperial Fixed Height...." See screen shot.


The other walls styles, "Story Bound" offer a certain amount of automation but the file MUST be structured to accommodate them.





Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.42.30 PM.png

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@Wes Gardner Thanks for that.  I'm using a non story wall style and it works for what I am doing. 


While believe me I get the idea of having things structured a certain way to help with automation etc.  It was just frustrating not getting it for a bit there.  


Either way I think I am okay for now.



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