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How to Correctly Place a Pilaster

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I am looking for help from my architectural friends. I am trying to redraw an existing building. It is warehouse that looks to be tilt wall. It has concrete pilasters every 24 feet. Usually, when I draw a pilaster, I always make them Architectural Only with Half Break which allows me to attach the pilaster to the interior edge of the wall and set the width and depth as needed. For the sake of just trying to properly learn how to use this tool, I am trying to figure out how to use them with Structural and Architectural settings. Maybe I am not understanding the proper way to use them, but I'm struggling with the fact that the structural part of the pilaster doesn't allow me to attach to an edge. They seem to have loci that are offset from the center, and determine the alignment of the pilaster.

Please see my attached images to see what I am talking about.
I am trying to achieve a 12 in wide X 12 inch deep structural concrete pilaster to the wall so that the exterior of the wall is unaffected, and the pilaster protrudes out from the interior of the wall 12 inches. Then, some of them would have a 2inch wider architectural exterior of the pilaster to match the wall style they are attached to. None of the tutorials I've found about pilasters, do not really talk about all the settings and various ways to place them. Thanks.

What I have.jpg

What I want.jpg

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