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Exporting Image File (JPG) is changing colors drammatically





Can someone explain me why exportin a drawing as JPG is changing the colors so much?

I'm exporting from the design layer, and not from the layout sheet.


Attached you can find a screenshot with the VW project and the JPG open side by side

Attached you also find a screenshot with the Export Image file dialog box.




Schermata 2020-04-04 alle 13.39.57.png

Schermata 2020-04-04 alle 13.39.06.png

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I have the same issue with exporting viewport renderings that look fine on screen but when exported as photoshop. The rendered images are overexposed and require retouching. I sent test files to tech support last week and they were able to replicate the problem. I have had this issue for a several versions of VW. Open in Photoshop and adjust the Image / Adjustment / Exposure / Gamma. During the lock down I have had more time to ask questions and search for solutions. I have always just worked around the issue. With all the possible display types that VW runs on I am surprised that that the color shift isn't worse. Based VW Knowledgebase "What Hardware Does What?"  I think screen images are draw by the GPU and Renderings are created by the CPU. This may be the issue and a fix for this problem is not in our future.

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I would think this most likely has to do with the software's export of the image and the  viewing software's color space settings not matching up.  Photoshop has some presets you can tweak with: applying a color space on files as they open, converting a color space as they open, leaving them alone,  etc.  Other system software like Preview or Image Viewer may handle that differently.  And who knows how VW handles it.  Dedicated rendering programs have all sorts of options to manage color space as they work through inputs and outputs, I have never seen that in VW.  


Most likely you will not be able to solve the problem and you will notice it being more apparent in some images that run out of gamut and less in images that stay within gamut.  I would suggest you take a look at your image adjustments that you do in Photoshop, and if they seem to be consistent, set up an image processing action so that you are at least automating the processing.  



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