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Hello, I have written a vector script that creates several depth bodies.

 About the Rectangle Intelligent Object.

 Is it possible to deform the object witj the mouse in 3D?

 This works well in the 2D plan, but e.g.  it doesn't work from the front.

 Greetings Günther Sedlmeier

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I think we need more information to be able to help.


"creates several depth bodies" I think this probably means Extrudes. If so then yes you should be able to use the Deform tool on those objects.


But it may be that you are actually generating a group of objects that would not be easily editable unless you edit the group first or ungroup the objects.


When you select one of the objects what is the name of the type of object in the Object Info Palette (OIP)?

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No - built-in control points are planar for plug-in objects, so you're not going to be able to manipulate the shape of the object in 3D, only in Top/Plan. To add 3D control points, you have to use the SDK.

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Thanks Pat and thanks Josh for the answers.

Sorry for the lack of information. Josh understood what I wanted. I can't do SDK programming. Is there no plug-in for 3D control items to download or buy? Similar to the rectangle plug-in. (But change in 3 D with the mouse)



Attached to the attempt of a script to draw the furniture fronts. (Including joints) And the right screenshots. So far it works well. I just want the fronts e.g. like to edit with the mouse in the front view. And if possible, grab at the corner points (incl. Gap dimension) and push bigger and smaller.

Thanks Günther Sedlmeier




{Rahmentüre 3D von Günther}

PROCEDURE Rahmentuere;
{Variablen Festlgen}

LH,LB    :Real;
FrontB,FrontH :Real;
FB,FUED,TD        :Real;
LinksUntenLichteX,LinksUntenLichteY    :Real;
LinksUntenFrontX,LinksUntenFrontY    :Real;
objname,Front        :STRING;
glatt: Boolean;

oh,rh,wh,H    :HANDLE;

{vordefinierte Parameterwerte abrufen(Durch das Rechteck definiert}
{result:= GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh);}

IF GetCustomObjectInfo(objname,oh,rh,wh) then BEGIN

{Wenn Objektinformationen erfolgreich abgerufen wurden}
{IF result THEN BEGIN}

{Vordefinierte Parameterwerte abrufen}
{Boxwidth und Linelength= Türbreite und Höhe werden bei Abfrage nicht angezeigt,
da sie mit den fixen Worten boxwidth und linelength über VW festgelegt sind}

{Benutzerdefinierte Objektinformationen abrufen}

FB    := PFriesbreite;
FUED :=PFuellungsdicke;
TD    :=PTuerdicke;
FFL :=PFrontfugeL;
FFR    :=PFrontfugeR;
FFU    :=PFrontfugeU;
FFO    :=PFrontfugeO;

{Nullpunkt Lichte festlegen}

{Front Nullpunkt festlgen}
LinksUntenFrontX :=LinksUntenLichteX+FFL;
LinksUntenFrontY :=-LinksUntenLichteY+FFU;
{Frontbreite, Fronthöhe festlgen}
FrontB:= LB-FFL-FFR;
FrontH:= LH/2-FFU-FFO;

{Macht jezt Tiefenörper auf Grundebene}

  If glatt then  begin
  {Macht glatte Türe}    
  BeginXtrd (0 , TD);
  EndXtrd ;
end {In IF then Else schleife kein ; bei end)}
Else begin
    {Macht Rahmentüren}
    BeginXtrd (0 , TD);  
    {Versuch einfach 2. Rechteck für 2. Tiefenkörper}
        {Linkes senrechtes Fries}        
       {Rechtes Fries senrechtes Fries}    
       {Unteres Fries waagrechtes Fries}    
       {Oberes Fries waagrechtes Fries}    
       EndXtrd ;
       Ungroup ;
       BeginXtrd (0 , FUED);






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