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Rotate plan effects precision

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Hi, maybe a question for a VW staff expert:

Here at our office we have for years now forbidden to use the tool  "rotate plan" in 2D drawings on design layers. In the past we noticed you can have serious problems with precision and dimensions in your drawings. Things seems to change after a rotate plan and turning back to zero again. 

Is this still a problem or has it been addressed or has it never been reported  by others ?

In other words, does a rotate plan changes the coordinates of objects in a file, even ever so slightly ?

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Did not see a response yet.

Anyhow, I did a rotate plan in a rather large file and after it could no longer use the eyedropper tool. Had ro copy paste everything in a new file.

Does anyone else has these kind of experriences ?

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It sounds like your angle precision is set less than your orthographic grid's precision.

Your precision for ortho would be minimum of one decimal place more than the smallest dimension you measure to maintain accuracy. Then your angle accuracy needs to be better than that and that accuracy is also relative to the distance from the rotation point to which you expect accuracy. If you are rotating your environment to angles other than whole degrees and you do this at 5 metres from the origin but expect accuracy to 0.1mm at 100 metres you have lost 5%(or maybe it's 20%) of your accuracy by doing the rotation at only 5M, unless your are entering the rotation value from the keyboard.

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Tx Larry.  I changed my settings. As I understand now rotating plans can greatly effect precision. As I experienced in the past a well. Imagine plans are rotated along tilded axis all the time during a worksession files get completely messed up. I always thought it was just a screen/pixel related rotation.

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Yes, I've noticed inaccuracy creep into the drawing every time I used the rotate plan function despite having the right angle accuracy set up.

I also only ever type angles in the rotate plan window (rather than rely on clicking on the screen).

I'm not sure what else could be done to avoid the inaccuracy. 

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