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LED Wall Rotation

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Hope everyone is staying safe right now!


I am trying to design a festival stage with a "diamond" video wall. Essentially using the LED tool to create a 6x6 wall at a 45 deg tilt so instead of sitting bottom to the stage, it would sit so the bottom left corner was directly down. There does not seem to be a way to rotate the wall around the Z axis, anybody have any suggestions?


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2 hours ago, C. Andrew Dunning said:

At-present, the only way to do this without converting the LED object to a Group is to use a rotated Design Layer Viewport.


Even making it into a group how can I rotate that? There are no options in the object info and using the right click->rotate function only works in plan mode

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The "Convert to Group" Command (Ctrl-K) is different from Grouping objects.  That command "disconnects" the object geometry from the code that created it.  If you evoke that command while in a 3D view, you'll end up with rotatable 3D geometry.  That caveat is that you'll also be eliminating all of the Plug-In Object functionality.


Make sense??

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