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Trying to Restore My Settings

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Something strange happened to my computer a few days ago, and the default settings files for several applications were lost. Vectorworks was one of them. I've been trying to restore my settings, but since it's been so long since I've had to do this, I've been finding it difficult to locate some of the preferences. Currently, I'm trying to locate the setting that hides all inactive drawing windows, so that I can turn it off. Can someone please point me to where this setting is located? Thanks.



Just to clarify, what I'm referring to is the current default setting that only allows one document window to be visible at a time. If I have Document A open and then go to the Window menu, and select Document B, then the Document B window opens, and the Document A window disappears. I want to have both Documents A and B open and visible at the same time so that I can have them side by side on the screen and compare one to the other. I know there's a way of disabling this idiotic one-at-a-time behaviour, because I had managed to do it previously. But for the life of me, I have no recollection of how it was accomplished.


(BTW, I'm currently running VW 2016)

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