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Marionette Bugginess


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Just dove into Marionettes today. I've used Python and visual programming environments pretty extensively, so it all feels comfortable, but I seem to have run into a bug. By force of habit, to cancel making a connection, I'll hit escape, the way you would cancel a polyline. This creates a disconnected cable that I can't interact with and will only disappear on saving. But it also completely screws up how the Object Info palette responds to selections, i.e. it doesn't; no object I select will populate the Object Info. The only way to fix this is if I right-click on the object, select "edit script" and just hit okay. But then the Object Info will be stuck on that object instead. Is this just a bug I have to live with til I update to 2020?


Thanks all!


Vectorworks 2019, Educational License

Windows 10


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