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How to use Marionette object in other documents?


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Hello all,


Is there a way to use a parametric object made by Marionette in other documents?

I have converted symbol into a Plugin Object, and now it is listed in red in my Resource Manager. However when I try to load this red item into another document, Vectorworks crashes or document displays only the 2D symbol. And I would like to have whole stuff: the 3Ds and whole parametrization that affects the object. What's wrong?





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I don't understand. You have a marionette object. If you make it into a "Red" symbol by clicking the Convert to Plug-in Object box then when you insert that symbol into any document, it should not end up as a symbol, but rather as the marionette object.


If you make a symbol of the Network, it will insert as a network.

If you make a symbol of a Wrapped Network it will insert as a Wrapped Network.

If you make a symbol of an Object Node it will insert as an Object.


If you want the object to come into the new file you will need to convert it to an object before you make a symbol of it.


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