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PIO Event Handler

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Trying get a handle on using event handling for PIOs.(Pun fully intended)


Mostly look to build my parameters programmatically rather than using the Plug In Manager.


Here's a little script I've added to a Point object. My understanding is that I should build my parameter widgets during the respond2Widget prep event, but that event never seems to get triggered.


When I select the object from my Tool Palette it triggers a respond2SurfaceEdit, then a resetEvent. When I click in the drawing to place it I get respond2SurfaceEdit, resetEvent, respond2SurfaceEdit, resetEvent. 


Am I missing something? If so what am I missing? Where can I find some documentation on this?


code below:


def eventHandler():
    def resetEvent():
        pioName, hPIO, recHand, wallHand = 0, 0, 0, 0
        ok, pioName, hPIO, recHand, wallHand = vs.GetCustomObjectInfo()
        if ok:

    def parametricPref():

    def respond2SurfaceEdit():

    def onSpecialEdit():

    def onReshape():
    def onButtonPress():

    def respond2WidgetPrep():
        vs.vsoAddParamWidget(9, 'testing', 'A Test')
    def onParamValChange():

    def triggerEvent(argument):
        eventSwitcher = {
            3 : resetEvent,
            4 : parametricPref,
            5 : respond2SurfaceEdit,
            7 : onSpecialEdit,
            9 : onReshape,
            35 : onButtonPress,
            41 : respond2WidgetPrep,
            44 : onParamValChange,
        # Get the function from switcher dictionary
        func = eventSwitcher.get(argument, lambda: "nothing")
        # Execute the function
        return func()

    theEvent, theButton = vs.vsoGetEventInfo()


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okay! I learned somethings...


respond2SurfaceEdit should actually be called OnInit


the vsoAddParamWidget command should be in OnInit


and to actually be able to add widgets and adjust their visibility/enabled state  you need to include the following at the beginning of the OnInit:

        ok = vs.SetObjPropVS(8, True) #kObjXPropHasUIOverride}
        ok = vs.SetObjPropVS(12, True) #kObjXHasCustomWidgetVisibilities}

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