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special ASCII character input: ?, ?, ?, ?, etc

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I used to be able to enter these very useful characters by pressing the ALT key while entering three digits on the num-pad:

? (Alt 167) degree symbol

? (Alt 171) instead of 1/2

? (Alt 172) instead of 1/4

? (Alt 241) instead of +/-

? (Alt 253) square symbol

Since upgrading from VW11 to VW11.5 it no longer works. Please advise.



VWArchitect11.5 on PC

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? = shift-option-8

The other three are font specific and not all fonts will have fractions. For example, the drafting font we use the most places the fractions using option-denominator, but most fonts will return the ? symbol from option-2.

You may need to create & print out a font map. (I would use a spreadsheet, but it could easily be done with a wordprocessor)

Good luck,

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Under OS 9 there was a utility called KeyCaps that would show the location of special symbols on the keyboard.

In Panther and Tiger this feature is called Keyboard Viewer and is accessed via the Finder's Input menu.

To reveal it, launch System Preferences and choose the International preference. Click on the Input Menu tab.

Click on Keyboard Viewer and Show imput menu in menu bar. You will now have an icon in the menu bar with the option of Show Keyboard Viewer.

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thanks for your advice. Adding a zero in the beginning didn't help, but your "Arial" codes work; they also seem to work for my Graphite Font. It still appears that the upgrade to VW11.5 brought the changes.

Anyway, I came accros these helpful characters:

? alt 0178

? alt 0179

...but still haven't found 1/2 and 1/4. I can't find a way to view a complete character list in the PC font setup. Any idea where I can find that?



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