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PIO Parameter Problem

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I don't know if I have bad memory, there has been a change in behavior of PIOs, or if I have a different problem.

I created a simple PIO with 2 parameters. Worked great.


Using the Plug-in Manager I then added a third parameter but it did not show in the OIP.  Edited again to change the order of the three parameter and only the first two showed in the OIP.


Reset All PIOs. No change.


Eventually after trying lots of other things I edited the workspace. After saving the workspace all of the parameters showed up in the OIP.


VW2020 SP3.  I don't remember this behavior the last time I played with PIOs.


So all of you gurus out there help me out:


1.  It has always worked like this. You are losing your memory.

2.  It didn't use to work like that, but when I just tried it the behavior has changed. Let's file a bug!

3.  It doesn't work like that for me. You just have a personal problem.




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Hi Pat,

   You forgot option 4.


4. Everything you observed is spot on; it didn't always work this way; and you are losing your memory.


which is consistent with programming too long and  ....  losing your memory.  : p


I am having similar occurrences to what you and Julian observe while editing a PIO I am currently developing. For the most part, making changes to the PIO code does not create any wrinkles, but edits to the parameter list, either adding or subtracting (and possibly reordering) parameters, results in very odd behavior – like all of my OIP buttons failing to display, and / or ControlPoint fields that I've explicitly hidden now show up. I have not been able make the PIO rectify itself, so I restart VW without even trying to cajole it to behave. 


I've not tried what Josh suggests, but I will when I edit my parameters again and if I get a favorable result I'll post back. 




PS - If you do file a bug, I'll vote it up.




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Thank you all. I have restarted VW and the OIP still does not update.


Per Josh, Right Clicking and choosing Properties shows the new parameters, but in VW2020 SP3 it does not cause an update of the OIP


The only thing I have found so far that causes an update of the OIP is to Edit the workspace.


Bug submission in Progress.

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