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Big top tent roof problem

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I am designing a venue inside a 4 pole big top. In previous designs I have just drawn a side elevation for my height references but as I now have a bit more time I would like to actually re-create the roof.  I'm working from a PDF drawing with measurements. 

Do you know how I might draw the roof in 3d?  It attaches round the king pins and flows down to the walls then the floor.   I think I would create 1 quarter of the it then mirror it to the other king pins possibly?

How would you do it?

I am an intermediate user but I have never used NURBS etc.  Is this what I need to research and understand?

I use Vectorworks 2018.







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I would start with a 2D plan using add/clip surface. Probably add an array of Loci for the points on the ground and the top of the tent poles. Convert the 2D Plan or an extrusion to a Subdivision Object. Trace the plan you have

You have t experiment a bit with the Iterations to get what you want. NOTE: you'll only need an extrusion if you want the tent material to have thickness.


Then it's a matter of push/pull in subdivision.

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