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The goal is to create a plan that is not orthogonal but a perspective view.  This view must also be cut through the window and door openings so I am not just seeing the top of my walls.  I was able to find a few very old forum posts on the topic, but none of them seem to be applicable anymore. 


Clip Cube and Camera - Image 1

My first approach was to set a camera up above the plan and then use the clip cube to get the model cut at the right height. It kind of works the way I want, but I have multiple buildings and multiple floors and the file only has one clip cube so this does not seem like a reasonable approach.  The plans would have to me made, captured, and then placed as images or a PDF and not a live viewport.  This will not work. 


Horizontal Section - image 2

My second approach was to make a horizontal section.  This lets me set the cut height like I want, but I have not been able to figure out how to change the view so I can see the faces of my walls.  This creates live viewports that will update as the layout changes which is important to my workflow on this (and every) project. 


Any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated!


Image 1

Clip Cube and Camera.png


Image 2

Horizontal Section.png

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Clip Cube and Camera - Image 1


As of VW2019 Sheet Layer viewports can display Clip Cubes, and each viewport can have its own Clip Cube... so this could solve your issue.




Horizontal Section - Image 2


With this approach you should be able to select the Section Viewport and in the OIP find the "Projection" dropdown and change it to "Perspective" then alter the "Perspective Distance" to change the amount of perspective.




Let us know if either of these approaches solves the task at hand.

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It is great to know about each viewport having its own clip cube! Since this has to be modified in the design layer I thought it was a global setting.  


All of this is helpful, but the next challenge with both options is when I change the viewport from orthogonal to perspective.  The perspective view always seems to be based on the center of the file and not the center of the viewport.  I copied my building into another file and centered it and I was able to get the desired results. The building is not currently centered in my file because it is one of multiple buildings on a campus. 


Is there a way to modify the vanishing point with a horizontal section? This is so close to working!



Building centered in design layer



Building not centered in design layer


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