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Vectorworks Online Seminars

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Don't think this has been posted elsewhere, Vectorworks has made a number of their online seminars free until June 30.  I just took the Architect Essentials and the Vectorworks Hidden Treasures seminars and picked up a number of tips that I will explore further.  If you have time on your hands at the moment, these are worth looking into.  Thanks VW.



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@Mitchell (the other one) Thank you for sharing the free Essentials program here.  You can see our calendar here: https://www.vectorworks.net/events/training


@KrisM We have been sending out emails and different communications about this topic, but it seems like it is not reaching out to all our users, my apologies. Please subscribe to our blog in the meantime. If you find a class sold out, please check again on a daily bases, I've been adding more and more sessions often. And...one more resource, check our Vectorworks University, we have tons of other resources available as well. https://university.vectorworks.net/



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Over at the Vectorworks University I'm working my way through the 'Model Setup' course to see if I should incorporate Stories into my workflow.  Starting the section on Wall and Slab Styles and came to this paragraph.  It could be me but I'm not sure how this relates to this particular topic.  Was the course designer having a 'moment' or is this an easter egg to see if anyone actually reads the course notes?

Layer Bound Wall - what?.jpg

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Unfortunately I find there is no coordinated and combined release of information on these valuable webinars, seminars and training. I find out about them ad hoc through emails from VW, or on Facebook or You tube or the pop up message center on VW. Whilst its nice to have regional focused training it would be a great improvement if there was a single central place where all this training was shown.

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