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Import EPS extension, Why Vector Works Convert in Bitmap?

Tony Oliveira


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Hi Stanford, thanks for the quick response! I already opened the file in Scribus (Grafic Design Open Source) and it is vectorized. I Asked the customer, who has the logo designed in Corel Draw ,to export to dwg, and when I import the file, nothing appears. I would also like to import some drawings into vectors, for example from this site, https://www.freepik.com/popular-vectors  and Vector Works converts them all into Bitmaps!

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What version of VW?


I just downloaded the abstract-blue-wavy-business-style-background from the freepik site and when I dragged the eps version into VW2020 SP3 it came in as an EPS Image.


How are you importing the graphic? I get an EPS Image if I import EPSF or if I just drag the file in.


Can you post or direct message me the logo file?

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It looks like a vectorized image. With zoom there are no pixels, but for example I want to work on that vector and I can't. Extrude them. I have my client's logo, I had to redraw it and strudge it. Before Illustrator had imported EPS to illustrator, then exported to DWG and then imported DWG in vector works, it seems to me unnecessary work that vector works should recognize files in vectors and give them to work on!



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Vectorworks does not allow editing of EPS images. Perhaps your best bet would be to try and convert them to PDF. You MIGHT be able to ungroup the PDF and get vectors that you can edit.


When you ungroup the PDF you will probably get a bad bitmap of the image, a blank rectangle representing the page, and then under both of them the vectors included in the PDF.


Editing EPS is not a VW core competency.

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It is a big gap in vectorworks. All CNC machines (Computer numerical control) work with this extension, compatible with Corel Draw, Illustrator, Auto-Cad, ...
This failure greatly limits the performance of this type of work and exchange of files between users and companies in the printing industry!



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I have had this problem for MANY YEARS! There is no answer. Anyone who has had this problem has never resolved it. Even PDF gives poor results with either Too many nodes to count or what they think of as a curve/arc is a disaster.


If you ever had any joy with a method of importing into Vectorworks please post.


Edited by Gail B
Needed to mention PDF is not an solution.
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