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Nasty bug passing through open files - VW 2020 SP3


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Today I have experienced some nasty bug...while working in one file in annotation space of one top/plan view viewport when wanted to edit one chain dimension and hit 'edit dimension'  command from contextual menu i lost content of all viewports present on active sheet layer. Only annotation objects stayed intact. I couldnt bring back content (all classes/layers/viewports were just same settings as before)....

Interestingly enough at the same moment in other opened file (opened at sheet layer with viewports)  changed arbitrary content of one viewport - VBvisual Plants present in file appeared (arbitrary their class was changed from invisible to visible)....?


Had to restart vectorworks in order to get back content of viewports.


BTW: I see that in 2020 VBvisual Plants are after SP3 behaving still randomly. Seeing that especially on viewports with OpenGL settings 'use Colour/not use color'. It is not consistent and doesn't follow correctly this option....there is something going on.

Other issue also is in top/plan view (design layer) there is not selection box when plant is selected.


Known issue? Has somebody come across something like that?


Thanks for help.



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@drelARCH I have reported your issue. However, could you share the file that you are having issues with? Please send me a direct message.

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Hi Matt,


I've just did that and indeed I am able to reproduce it. 

I am going to send you and @JuanP screen recording via direct message.


Just to sum up situation/steps:


- two files open at the same time (they are in no connection, no referencing ...anything that i know)

- when double clicking on viewport to access annotation space and editing chain dimension (playing with 'show dim value' )- issue occur

- other open file gets arbitrary displayed VBvisual plants in one viewport


I am sending whole recording as I dont have time to cut just the critical part ... as you can see from video there seem to be difference in the way annotation space is accessed. Seems to me like double clicking viewport is part of issue. When selected from contextual menu: Edit Annotation everything is fine.


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Thank you for the information!  We'll have a look at the video when it comes.

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