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Z height on all objects?

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23 hours ago, Bruce Kieffer said:

Is there a way to see in the OIP the Z height of an object no matter what type of object it is? Every object resides at defined coordinates in space on y drawing, yet I can't see those coordinates easily, and I want to.


A Z-height for everything would be great!

Maybe a wishlist-item for this?

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1 hour ago, Benson Shaw said:

Meanwhile my usual workaround is to snap a 3d Locus to a point on the geometry, read the values, delete. Or if geometry needs relocation to a particular xyz , move the locus via OIP, then use Move By Points tool to snap the geometry to locus. 


Another useful workaround is to use the Align/Distribute command along with a 3d locus to accurately align objects to the ground plane or any other boundary.



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10 hours ago, hollister design Studio said:

Not having ANY coordinates for group objects makes me crazy.




Yes, I always have the same thoughts, but the solution seems not to be trivial:

Which is the correct height ? Is it the height if the bounding box ? Or the average height of the containing objects, or the max/min height of the objects ?

Anyway, it would be great to have at least one fixed point in th OIP, so movements relatively to that point can be made. But when you want to have a tool to align several different objects including groups in 3D, this will result in an "options monster" and it will be simplier to use the workaround with the 3D locus.

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10 hours ago, halfcoupler said:

it would be great to have at least one fixed point in th OIP, so movements relatively to that point can be made.

One "known point" would be fine.


Maya defines the point at the center of all the grouped objects on creation of a group:



I can then snap it to any point I want with one mouse click.

I've moved the center to the corner of the cube:




and I can still select and move individual objects in the group with one click in model space (i.e. I don't have to go to an isolated 'group edit' space).




It's just not that difficult or complicated.

Most every other 3D design program allows x, y, z data for every object to be visible and editable.


VW should just make it happen and then tell the user group what the parameters are and let them go.


We're all (relatively) adults, no need to babysit us and make sure we don't get lost!




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