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Pickup putdown attributes for fence/rail tool

Steve Riddle


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I completely misunderstood what you are asking for. I thought you were asking for the ability to move settings between different fences.


You might want to do a better explanation of what you really need. 


It is also often better to explain the need and let VW figure out the how. Eyedropper does not work inside any object that I know of, only between objects. Perhaps a button in the OIP to Match Top Rail or something would be a better interface. (and probably much easier to get implemented.

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I created a series of vehicle barriers around a carpark with timber posts and wire cables,


We then decided we needed to have timber rails instead of cables for some of the barriers.


So  I created a barrier with a timber rail and other attributes I wanted.


I then used the eyedropper tool to pick up the parameters of the new timber rail to place on some of the existing cable barriers.


I expected the post spacing, rail height and type to change, but it doesn't.


Another thing I found that could be useful, is the offset tool to move/duplicate fences. 


I had originally placed the barriers next to the kerb and found I needed to set them back 1m to allow for vehicle overhang,  I had to re-draw these barriers as the offset tool did not seem to work for this plugin.


I hope this explains a bit more clearly,  


Cheers, Steve

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I used the 3D Line mode to create a series of fences, but for some reason, in 3D Line mode you can only create single line fence segments, so I had to make several separate fences.  I have now changed my mind about the style of the fence, so I made my edits, then tried to use the eyedropper tool to apply the new look to the other fence segments.  Using the Eyedropper Preferences, I checked "Other Attributes_Plug-in Parameters", but unfortunately that picks only the "Heightpoint 1" and "Heightpoint 2" values and not the rail, panel, etc. attributes.  That is the exact opposite of what I want 😞

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