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Display Wall Orientation

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Hi All,


Is anyone aware of a quick, clear and easy way to display wall orientation on drawings? We have a set of about 20 GA plans, walls drawn using the wall tool and correctly set up with wall styles. The Contractor has asked us to show clearly on our plans which orientation the walls are in (for instance; a wall which looks in plan identical on both sides, but one side is moisture resistant plasterboard and the other is not).


Any tips or workarounds also appreciated, anything that saves us going around and manually drawing a mark on the side of ever wall..




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I don't think there is a way to create this automatically, that might be VE, but in show business, most typically with lighting gear we make a key or a legend to show each graphic that represents a different kind of light, and then a text descriptor. This is particularly important, and relates to the issue you describe. Many body shapes of gear are similar, BUT the different lights might have different focal lengths illustrated within the body shape.


Make sense?

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Hi @Kevin Allen


Thanks for your suggestion - We do use a system like that, but unfortunately doesn't work in the scenario we're currently facing. We need to show graphically a difference between both sides of a wall style on plans; ideally with a mark of some kind. There is so much information on the page (hundreds of walls for a start) that what we really need is a little 'x' or mark on one side of every wall to show its orientation.


@Pat Stanford


Yes I was thinking something along these lines but not sure how to achieve it. Our GA plans are at 1:50 which is enough to show the various wall layers in the buildup (just about) but not clear enough to work out which side is which in some scenarios. I did consider adding another layer to the wall buildup on one side, perhaps with a very sparse hatch which would just show up as the occasional mark.. not ideal though I was hoping there is a hidden setting somewhere which would automate this process for me!

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How about adding an extra component very thin (0.01 inch or mm) to the side and giving that component a Line Style that puts a text marker (WRPB?) along the wall. You should be able to edit the line style to get the mark infrequent enough that it would not be annoying. Put the component in a class and you can turn it on or off when you need.



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I'm wondering why either through the component definition or a Class override for a SLVP that can't be graphically clear?


I'm guessing you have (essentially) a study wall with gyp board on both side. I'm further guessing that each side is a different type of gyp board.


So, could one have a hatch, and one a white fill? Could they have colored fills?

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@Kevin Allen the issue is that we have some 80-ish wall styles, and some of them look very similar. Its a very large project so at the scale they are shown on the page some of the wall styles are not clear which side is which. We have a lot of other layers of information on the pages to display too, so the pages are very busy. It doesn't help that the project incorporates areas of two seperate listed buildings (dating back to the 1800s), so we are coming across all sorts of existing walls we have to incorporate and no two are apparently the same!


Thanks @Pat Stanford that looks like a workable solution, will give it a try!

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