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Animation tool and rendering

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I have a question regarding the animation tool, I am currently using version v19. Is there any way to make an animation in another render mode than Open GL? I'm trying to shoot an interior with lighting that requires rendering in Final Quality, the end result is supposed to be a smooth video. So far I have been making a lot of different renders with the camera always moving up a little bit, but it's far from smooth. Is there an easier way to do this apart from the animation tool? 


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The Animation Tool is the right one for this job. I don't have VW2019 installed to be able to check the dialog boxes, but you can certainly set the path and then tell it to animate in Renderworks rather than OpenGL.  Based on the machine in your signature, if you are doing very large renderings it is likely to take a very long time to render.


Make sure you set the overall length of the animation and if you want it to be smooth, set the frame rate to probably 30 frames per second or greater.

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