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render white-out on camera viewports



Hi , 


Perhaps someone can help - 


Camera set up on design layer model . I have Final Quality Renderworks / ambient lighting switched off - 1 helicon in model for shadow cast- and all progresses sit should . I achieve a reasonable render . 

I create viewport with camera . option 1 -camera defines viewport and is controlled from viewport - Same settings - No ambient light / no renderworks background (I have avoided these simply to try and find solution ) - all progresses as normal until render is complete - an instant following render completion the whole viewport takes on a dramatic decrease in any contrast - almost a white-out over the full render . 


This occurs across any sheet layer / any render style . 


if I am using any HDR Day background I also have a heavy blue across the full render 


Cannot find solution here _ can anyone advise please ? 



Screenshot _Final Render_Design Layer_am Light 26%.jpg

Screenshot Final Render_Viewport_.jpg

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Hi Fatemeh,


Yes , bottom image result of the VP rendering with Final Quality - occurs in the last instant of render completion .


However , on investigating all my options , I discovered this result only existed on 1 particular custom Document template . I have transferred all necessary symbols / items to another template duplicate and set-up as new template . Seems to have resolved the issue . 


I have no idea what was happening , but happy I can progress and achieve the renders I need 



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