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Worksheet to Display multiple images for each object (great for Sanitary Fitting Schedule)

Amorphous - Julian


'Record Format Data' attached to objects can be much smarter.


Say, in an example of a symbol of Toilet Pan.


We can describe in words that it is Toilet Plan, give it a make and a model, and even generate an open GL render of what it looks like. 

However, we can't attach an image of what the toilet pan looks like, nor a section drawing showing whether this toilet back has a S-trap or P-trap. 

Therefore, we would like the ability to attach images (preferably multiple images) to a record format. 

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Hi @Frank Brault that’s for the suggestion, but would ‘worksheets’ be able to pull the referenced URL images as actual images, and display them inside the ‘worksheet’?


Also, can the image links be POSIX file links instead of URL links?


The issue here is about communication on paper. Having a URL printed a sheet of drawing means nothing to my contractor, who’s holding that printed drawing on site.

He’s not going to waste time to type that URL back onto his mobile device character-by-character

My contractors will need a to see a page with all the images I want to communicate to him, at a glance.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Nope; Sorry Amorphous, as I said: Not what you were asking for. Your post in this Feature Request channel legitimately suggests a useful improvement: Vectorworks does not currently support image files in the Record Format fields. My suggestion for listing a URL was a workaround for the time being, like today, for the case where the contractor could copy the url text string from your documentation. In my mind's eye I imagined that your communication with the contractor was transmitted via e.g. published PDF files.

Creating paper documentation with all the images that you want to communicate to your contractor, with the tools currently available in Vectorworks is not automated and is indeed laborious.

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HI @Frank Brault thank you for your attention to this matter. 

Do you think image attachment to Records is something that can be implemented? I would love to see this on Vectorworks. 

On a separate worksheet issue, while I have your attention:



In scheduling for design, some worksheets are much better with a horizontal listing

What I mean is a list that lists from left to right, instead of top to bottom, which is the only possible way now.


This is useful for listing architectural items such as doors in a door schedule.


Could this be possible in the future?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In re-reading this thread it occurred to me that possibly, you are not aware of our support for images to both spreadsheet and database worksheet cells that can provide graphic views of the objects in a drawing. It may be possible to implement at least part of what you want to do e.g. with a door schedule, albeit as database rows only. So, if there is a resource, particularly a graphic based one, such as a symbol or hatch associated with the object, you can display an image as part of a worksheet or database row.


The help for this feature can be found here:


http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/index.htm#t=VW2020_Guide%2FWorksheets%2FInserting_images_in_worksheet_cells.htm&rhsearch=worksheet image&rhhlterm=worksheet image&rhsyns=%20


With regard to 'horizontal' worksheets, our worksheets are implemented in Vectorworks as row-based database tables, and hence, currently cannot be flipped to display database rows as columns; It uses the premise of an 'endless' list and is implemented as rows going down and not to the right. I know that you can do column based database tables in dedicated spreadsheets like Excel, but not in Vectorworks; It would be useful in some cases, particularly those containing records with very few fields, but the engineers may feel that the implementation would have to accommodate the same limits vertically as horizontally.


Disclaimer: I am not an engineer and so, I don't speak for them, although I designed and coded the first version of what was to become Spotlight in 1996, so this experience along with my prior experience in the commercial world, gives me some insight into the issues.


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Hi Frank, we are aware of the =IMAGE function, but the real-life usage that it is appropriate for is very limited, and we have largely removed that from our worksheets. 


We really need the ability to attach multiple images to a record. 


None of these workarounds you are suggesting really resolves the issue I'm trying to raise. 


If you see the need for it, can you please put through a feature request for it?



In regards to the 'endless list' must go downwards and not sideways, does not really add-up.


This is the reason: when we have a really list, it will list downwards. Currently there is no way to make the list ‘break’ and fill multiple A3 pages. 

so regardless of whether the endless list lists downwards or lists sideways, you still need to layout the continuous list properly on a piece of paper for all the information to the printable.


So, the said reason to not have a horizontal list is not really valid.


Moreover, door and window schedule should be as below- sideway listed with a large image. It is simply not feasible with vertical listing.


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Hi @Frank Brault . Today. I find myself needing to present Sanitary Fittings and Tapware selections to my client, and it reminded by how useful it would be to attach multiple images of the tap to the '3D object' in the model.

That would make my task of presenting our selection to my client much easier

Would you be able to have further conversations with your engineer to see if this is possible? This would be useful for all Vectorworks users. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi @Amorphous - Julian, I will do my best to promote image data type support in record formats with a feature enhancement request.


In the meantime, you might be able to use records attached to your fitting objects in your file to store web URLs which point to manufacturer web pages or to a local server or personal cloud location if you have either of those capabilities...


On my machine right-clicking on the URL record item offers a convenient "Open URL..." menu so that you can go directly to the web page.

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