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Record data available from Referenced Viewports - Wishes

Rebecca M.


I use landmark and use additional plant records to include information about landscape areas such as seed mixes which then input into my schedules (worksheets). As these detailed soft and hard landscape drawings can get very heavy on larger sites (very painful for my work flow), I would like to split up the drawings into seperate files (eg. soft, hard, specific designed spaces) which I then reference as viewports into a drawing with the sheet layers and worksheets. This helps for a number of people to work on the project at once by splitting up the drawings in this way. This works well until I come to schedule the drawings and the records are not imported although landscape areas and plants are. Currently I have to combine my colleagues drawings before scheduling which is very time consuming and usually crashes.


It seems sensible that all data is available from referenced viewports. 

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It might work how you would like without waiting for an update if you reference the appropriate design layers and classes into the separate file so the data is present in the reference file and then create the Sheet layer Viewports as you did before only referencing the local Design layers and classes already in the file instead; Depending on the structure of your project, it might not require many references per VP and therefore you may experience a workable performance while introducing just the data needed for the particular VP(s).

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