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@jnr & @bcdI think it may be related to the permissions settings for this folder.


Please try the following solution and confirm for me if it fixes your issue:


1.       Right click on the Vectorworks 2020 Application folder

2.       Choose ‘Get Info’

3.       At the bottom expand ‘Sharing & Permissions’

4.       Confirm that your Username is listed with Read & Write privilege

5.       If not, unlock and click the plus button at the bottom left corner to add your username with Read & Write privilege

6.       Once you’ve added your username with read & write privilege, click the gear menu at the bottom left and choose ‘Apply to Enclosed Items’.

7.       In the upper left corner of the Resource Manager in Vectorworks, click on the gear icon. Choose Refresh Libraries. 

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That did not solve the issue. It worked before SP3, now doesn't. Also getting an error message when the application starts up that it cannot connect to the server (I have service select). I remember this being an issue in the past and had to do something in the application library, but can't remember what it was.




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