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Dissapearing symbols

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We have a titleblock symbol in one file (source file) x-refed to a second file (target file). The symbol appears in the resource browser of the target file in italics. Clicking on it activates it, an instance can be placed in the target file. This instance remains linked to the source, when the symbol is revised in the source, the revision appears in the target when the x-ref is refreshed.

But..... Sometimes the x-refed symbol fails to appear when the target is opened. This only occurs in certain files, other target files using the same source have no problem. When the x-ref is refreshed manually, the symbol usually appears. Strangely, when the symbol is invisible, it can be selected by dragging across the empty space in the drawing (the handles appear but not the symbol).

Other symbols in the same source file linked in the same way to the same target file work perfectly, appear when file is opened, only the titleblock is problematic.

Elements of the titleblock symbol are placed on several classes. Is this a potential problem? (If this is a problem, why does it work some of the time (all of the time in some drawings))

Possible fix?

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