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Worksheet count error

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Who can help?

Amateur user of VW2019 Spotlight.

My worksheet does not display the correct number.


I made several designs, and most of the time he did well on recalculation.

If this did not go well, it would have been resolved to create a new worksheet.


Now I have a design where recalculating and recreating a worksheet doesn't work.

I'm curious what I have to look at to solve it.


In design 15 objects in sheet 16 objects.

In this case VW counts 4 x FD34 200 but there are only 3 in drawing.


Thanks in advance.



Knipsel ws.JPG


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Hi Rob,


Right click on row 2 and select "Edit Criteria...." and the deselect "Plug-in Objects".



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And probably add criteria to specify the Design Layer(s) that the objects are on.  If you don't the object on the count will include the object on the Design Layer and an extra object for each Viewport.

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